Purchasing Q & A

Purchasing Your Own Mobile Home/Chalet On Site

The purchase should always be made directly from the Park (owner) or appointed agents and never from a private individual.

How much do new mobile homes and chalet cost?

New mobile homes start at approx 35k set up on site and connected to all services. Units with double glazing and central heating as standard start at approx 45k. Chalets cost 95k All new units are priced according to their spec.

How much do second hand mobile homes cost?

The cost of a second hand mobile homes depends on it's age, it's spec, it's condition and of course the market. The cost of a unit reflects not only it's market value but also a premium for being set up in a fully serviced Park.

What is included in the purchase price?

The furniture is always included with mobile and in some circumstances people may leave items such as kettles, microwaves, delf, cutlery, etc. It is normal that site ancilliaries such as decking, sheds, etc are also included. It will be made clear prior to sale agreed what is included. With chalets have decking included but may need to be furnished. The license fee is in addition to the purchase price of the unit.

If I purchase a mobile home on site, do I own the site?

When purchasing a mobile home/Chalet sited on the Park, it is the mobile home that is being purchased - not the site. The site is provided to the purchaser of the unit through the eight month (this may be longer with chalets) licence agreement and is at all times the property of Atlantic Caravan Park.

Can I sell on my mobile home/chalet?

Mobile homes/chalet can only be sold on site through the Park Mgt. The only way you can sell your unit privately is to do so off site.

Can I rent out my mobile home/chalet?

No, you cannot rent out your mobile home under any circumstances. Extended family and friends can use your unit with your permission.

What are the costs involved when purchasing a mobile home/chalet?

The upfront costs are the mobile home/Chalet itself, the license fee for the current year and the cost of insuring the mobile home/chalet.

What are the ongoing costs?

Purchasing your own Mobile Home/Chalet on site

The purchase should always be made directly from the Park (owner) or appointed agents and never from a private individual.

Site Licence and Fee

When you purchase a mobile home/chalet on the Park, you become liable for a License Fee each year. This fee allows you to keep your unit on the site. The fee for the 2010 license is €2,070 for Sea/Beach front, €1890 licence fee for Sea View, €1650 licence fee else where on site and €2450 licence fee for chalets. It is in addition to the purchase price of your mobile home/chalet. It is invoiced each year in January and is payable in full by May 1st.

The Licence Fee Includes:

The Park is open each year from March to October inclusive. During the closed period (Nov-Feb incl) clients do not have access to the Park unless by prior arrangement with management.

Purchasers are strongly advised to acquaint themselves with the Site Rules and Conditions before agreeing to purchase a mobile home